Coffee and Internet Cafes

The Geeks speak with Ken Botelho, owner and operator of Caffe Bene in Santa Cruz, about Coffee and high-speed Internet.

In the end of the last decade the Internet boon gave us horrible things like Netscape 4.7 and some semi good things like Internet Cafes. I am happy to see the demise of Netscape 4.7 and pleased as peach to see the re-emergance of the Internet Cafe.. in it’s healthy form: Like the latest Internet Browsers the new Internet Cafe is a redefinition of the form. Traditional Cafes are ushering in an added service to their customers: Free Internet Access. But this service is an added perk – not the main ingredeant to a healthy coffee shop.

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Caffe Bene, located at 1101 Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz, has been
in operation for 16 years. In June of 2004 Bene doubled it’s size,
threw in a couple of computers open to customers and opend up a
free wireless (802.11 b and g) pipe to the Internet.

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Ken Botelho is the owner and operator of Caffe Bene in Santa Cruz, CA.