NVIDIA nForce Technology

NVIDIA’s nForce technology is taking the computer industry by storm. First created for the Microsoft Xbox, it has breathed new life into the computer gaming community and inspired smaller, more fashionable computers. Scott Baker, Senior Product Manager for NVIDIA, joins the Geeks for a tour of the NVIDIA nForce Media and Communications Processor.

Scott Baker
Scott Baker is senior product manager in the platform business group at NVIDIA, where he oversees the development and execution of the Company’s industry-leading and award-winning NVIDIA nForce2 platform processors. Prior to joining the platform business group, Scott was the manager of OEM program management for NVIDIA’s mobile business group. Scott has also held several influential positions at IBM, including Product Engineer, Project Manager, and Engineering Manager. Scott Baker holds a BA in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University, a BSEE from The University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA from Duke University.