Digital Prints

Digital Photography is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean your
photos have to stay on your computer. Multiple print shops now offer
traditional photography quality prints from your digital images.
Steve Manousos, owner of ImageSnap,
joins the Geeks on a discussion of digital output formats.

Analysts estimate an astonishing 80 billion digital photographs will be taken per year by 2005, nine times more than conventional film and scanning combined. Part of the market that will surge from this staggering statistic is the Digital Print houses. Home printers can do well with one-off prints onto paper. But that means you have to have the printer, stock the paper and know what you’re doing. Optionally you can go to a print house that can take your digital files and put them onto a multitude of mediums; Paper, Canvas, Cloth, Vinal and even Tile.

Computer printed Mural of the Cooperhouse, Santa Cruz

Our guest, Steve Manousos, is owner and operator of ImageSnap. ImageSnap’s first store front is in the Cooper House on the Pacific Garden Mall in downtown Santa Cruz. And they recently opened another in Los Gatos. Steve ran PostDigital, a Santa Cruz printing institution, for years. Got a hold of the name ImageSnap and opened a store front targeted to people that want prints of their digital photographs.One of the interesting things that ImageSnap can do is to create tile murals from your photographs. They have a great example mural in their store of the original Cooper House which was torn down following the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.