Digital Divas

The ability to make art on a computer has come a long way since the
Commodore Amiga 1000. Thanks to a handful of talented artisits, computers are
now a medium for Fine Art. Lynda Levy and
Tana Brinnand-Tolson are
Digital Divas, women making
art with computers. Learn all about digital artwork with the Geeks.

The Digital Divas are a group women collaborating in the world of Art. Their work is done all digitally. The group is made up of accomplished artists producing fine art. Part of their charter is to educate and share the exciting new medium or digital art.

"Tide Pool, Dreaming at Natural Bridges" by Tana Brinnand-Tolson = 2]/imagedata/@fileref
I have reached for my own stories about the places where I live and
have my being. I have traced my own myths using this special language of
motif and design. And I owe more than I can ever say to the painters of
Aboriginal Australia who have given me the gift of my own heart.
Tana Brinnand-Tolson, an
artist born into an artisitc family, travled extensivly in her 20s and is currently
immersed in the study of Australian Aboriginal Art.

"Island Woman" by Linda Levy = 2]/imagedata/@fileref
My digital artwork is currently created using the software program
" Painter"
by MetaCreations /
Corel. All my pieces are
originals: nothing is scanned and no clipart is used.
Lynda Levy, a UCSC Alumni and
Santa Cruz Resident for over 30 years, is both an artists and a scientist. She spent 25
years as a Research Scientist, while also exploring various artistic media, from
lifedrawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics through digital and multi-media expression.
Linda has used computers to create artwork since 1985, when she got a Commodore Amiga 1000.
She has worked since that time to overcome an existing bias against “computer art”,
and get her one-of-a-kind pieces accepted into the fine arts arena. Linda has participated
in the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County’s
Open Studios for many years, demonstrating how she creates Fine Art using computers.